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Long Live the Cord Keepers!

With all the cord cutting concern in the industry, you’d think the entire country is scissor happy. But that’s just not the case. At Univision, we have cord keepers. At least 92% of our primetime content is watched live vs. 57% for the “Big 4” English-language broadcast networks.

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon. Of course, our brand equity is one. If there’s a brand you trust and love, you tend to turn to it early and often. That’s how our Univision loyalists behave.

But it’s also due to our programming strategy. Univision is a virtually rerun free network in prime. Our novelas air new episodes – with cliff hangers – every Monday-Friday. If fans miss one, FOMO kicks in. The same can be said for our news, sports and weekend reality franchises. Univision is how Hispanic America stays up-to-the minute on the content that matters to them.

I’ve been part of many Upfront seasons at Univision and I can tell you, since Nielsen started measuring time shifting in 2006, our live viewing story has stayed pretty consistent. ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC cannot say the same.

So, you see, not only do we drive opening weekend box office numbers and foot traffic to retail locations for your holiday promotions, today we’ll continue to deliver results when you need them.

Source: Nielsen, NPM (09/22/2015-03/27/2016) Mon-Sat 8pm-11pm/Sun 7pm-11pm.  Sports Excluded.  Live, Live+7.  Big 4 EL Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX).

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