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Hispanic Trends Series: Technology

Given their buying power, population growth, and cultural influence in the U.S., it’s natural for brands to want to understand Hispanic buying trend and consumer behaviors. However, like the general market, Hispanic trends can differ greatly between categories. To help you understand the latest trends, we’ve launched the Hispanic Trends Series, which began with economic sentiment and beauty. Stay tuned for future installments!

Hispanic Trends: Technology

Hispanics continue to be early adopters and influencers, interested in current and emerging technologies. They consistently over-index their Non-Hispanic (NH) counterparts in current use, purchase intent, and favorable attitudes towards the tech space and its products and services. Hispanic consumers are more likely to view newer and emerging technologies in a more positive light than non-Hispanics, over-indexing in describing new technology as being fun.6

Smartphones are hot and on the rise with this consumer group, with Hispanic smartphone users growing at 8.4% vs NH at 4.8%.1 In fact, there were +2.9 million new Hispanic smartphone users in 4Q 2017 compared to 2Q 2017.  Additionally, they are on top of early trends, with 71% of Hispanics more likely to buy technology in the next 12 months vs. 58% of NH. 3 Some of this comes from a desire to impress, with 32% of Hispanics wanting to wow people with their technology vs. 24% NH.5

Download the 2-page trend report below for more info.

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