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Hispanic Trends Series: Beauty

Given their buying power, population growth, and cultural influence in the U.S., it’s natural for brands to want to understand Hispanic buying trend and consumer behaviors. However, like the general market, Hispanic trends can differ greatly between categories. To help you understand the latest trends, we’ve launched the Hispanic Trends Series, which began with economic sentiment. Stay tuned for future installments including food and tech!

Hispanic Trends: Beauty

Looking beautiful makes Latinas feel like they can take on the world. Whether it’s as a stay-at-home mom or a career-oriented woman, beauty is empowerment. Beauty is part of the daily routine, as integral to the day as eating or sleeping. In fact, only 4% of Latinas say they would leave the house without any beauty product vs 24% of Non-Hispanics (NH). However, Beauty is also considered a reward for Latinas who work hard to make their lives function. In fact, they enjoy the process tremendously, often as much as the result. 81% of Latinas get excited to do their hair and makeup to go out. This excitement translates into Latinas being beauty pioneers, with 61% saying that they are constantly staying on top of beauty trends vs. 50% of NH. In addition, 51% of Hispanic women claim they are always the first to try the latest beauty trend, vs. 32% of NH women. This matters because Latinas are constantly expanding their beauty care routine to introduce innovation in the form of specialized products that enhance their features or address specific concerns. These innovations are not relegated to special occasions, but are integrated to the daily routine. This means more category engagement with higher margin new launches as well as continued daily usage of core products.

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