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New Study Gives a Fresh Look at Today’s Hispanic Mamás y Papás

In our latest webinar series, we partnered with Media Predict to unveil findings from our recent study focusing on today’s Hispanic mamás y papás. Here we recap three things to know about this powerful consumer and the related marketing implications. You can also watch an on-demand recording of the webinar below. (Plus, click here to download our Mamás y Papás infographic)

When it comes to targeting, moms and dads are a critical group across a variety of industries – because they are a powerful consumer segment. With Hispanics being one of the fastest growing segments in the country, unlocking your brand’s full growth potential means engaging the Hispanic parent segment. Consider that 53% of Hispanic adults 18+ are parents – compared to 32% for Non-Hispanic (NH) – and they are living in larger households (3.3 vs. 2.4 for NH), which boils down to strong spending. To reach and message this powerful consumer group effectively, its critical to understand the nuances of their attitudes and behaviors.

There’s a shift in parenting roles: It’s hard to deny that parenting roles in America are shifting across the board, and Hispanic households are no exception. Contrary to some perceptions, Hispanic moms are also passionate career women. According to the study, work continues to be just as important for Hispanic moms even after children, with 72% of respondents agreeing that “it’s important to continue to challenge yourself in your career after having children.” Fathers are also taking on more responsibility at home because they want to, including taking on activities often associated with moms such as potty training (47% vs. 32% for NH dads) and helping with homework (50% vs. 35% for NH dads).

Me time = we time: One of the biggest points of differentiation among Hispanic and non-Hispanic parents is how they spend their personal time. For Hispanic parents, personal time becomes less important after having children, whereas for non-Hispanics personal time is rated as a higher priority. In fact, 31% of Hispanic parents prefer to spend their ‘me time’ with their children, which is 29% more than for NH parents. Even grocery shopping trips and watching TV are family activities, which means that putting family time above personal time is a critical value – a key difference from their NH counterparts.

Language and culture matter: Having children triggers a desire for Hispanic parents to be even more connected with their heritage. We see this especially among Hispanic millennial parents as 59% agree “I became more interested in my heritage when I had children.”  Beyond this, they want to pass their heritage onto their children and instill this same pride as indicated with these results; 76% of Hispanic millennial parents agree it’s important for my children to experience foods from my culture” and 72% say “it’s important for my children to learn to speak my native language.” Staying connected to language and culture is critical when targeting Hispanics.

Acknowledging these insights and applying them in the communication strategy development, content creation process and media buying approach is critical to ensure that brands are engaging in a way that is relevant to this consumer. Univision has a plethora of resources to help marketers uncover even more insights about Hispanic Parents for those who want to go deeper!

Source: Parenting Study Conducted by Media Predict on 2016.  A Univision Proprietary Study.   


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