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California’s Latino Voters: The Majority Makers

Aug 20, 2021


Latinos are turning out to vote in record numbers, making decisions for the future of our country, and the state of California. In fact, it’s likely that the story of the upcoming California Governor recall election will be that it was decided by the huge Latino voting bloc in the state.

In our recent webinar, L2’s Paul Westcott provided a market-by-market analysis of California Latino voter turnout in 2020 and turnout projections for 2022. This data driven presentation was followed up by a fireside chat, moderated by Univision LA (KMEX) news anchor Leon Krauze, who discussed the importance of including Latino voters in every California campaign with strategists Rob Stutzman, President of Stutzman Public Affairs and Roger Salazar, President of ALZA.

Key takeaways from our presentation and fireside chat include:

  • Hispanic voters are younger and with a longer life expectancy offer a greater political value over time
  • Latinos have made massive leaps in both registration and turnout buoyed by CA motor voter registration, early vote centers, and ability to vote by mail
  • CA Latinos voters are as likely to register as no party preference as all other voters

As the leading media company for U.S. Hispanics, Univision is committed to educating and empowering our community towards civic engagement, through registration, voting, and everything in between.

Watch our webinar to learn more about all of the above, and contact our Political, Advocacy, and Government team to learn how best to engage Latino voters across Univision’s platforms:

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