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4 Ways to Digitally Connect With U.S. Hispanics

We’ve heard it before… Hispanics over-index on all things digital, mobile and even social.  Here at Univision, we’re able to go a layer deeper into Hispanics’ digital habits, using a mixture of proprietary and syndicated insights that only we can offer.

In our latest Hispanic 411 webinar, The Digital Boost: Influencing Hispanics’ Path to Purchase,  I examined the nuances of consumer digital behaviors and preferences—all through the lens of major consumer categories such as beauty, movie/entertainment, retail and more. Below we share the four key digital insights and action items you should include in your overall marketing plans if you want to connect with U.S. Hispanics (and their remarkable economic clout!):

Ensure your digital marketing plans for Hispanics incorporate tactics that enable them to learn more, early in their path to purchase

Digital is definitely empowering Hispanic consumers to research and plan their purchases and visits. Hispanics are 37% more likely than total U.S. to research products before purchasing online(1). The number only goes up when we look specifically at Hispanic auto intenders; 62% of them gather vehicle information online before purchasing(2). We also know Hispanics love their smartphones. They actually spend 2+ more hours a week than total market going online with their smartphones(3) and are 74% more likely to use mobile search in-store before purchase(1) than total U.S.

Don’t underestimate the power of influencers in reaching Hispanic consumers

Social media enables the connected Hispanic consumer to learn and share about products and services; 80% of them agree that online social networks keep them up to date with their favorite brands(4). In fact, 54% of Hispanic beauty shoppers watch YouTube videos to learn beauty tips(5). This insight and the understanding of this trend is one reason why Univision has embraced influencers through our multichannel network, the Univision Creator Network. Together with some of the top grassroots talent covering beauty, fashion and entertainment, we are connecting with millions of young, bilingual consumers each month across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Provide additive content and opportunities for the Hispanic consumer to further engage with your brand

Hispanics are seeking digital experiences as an extension of brand engagement and are usually more receptive of online ads. We just saw that they are highly engaged on social media but their digital engagement goes beyond social. In fact, 25% of Hispanics used mobile coupons (downloaded for use at location), vs. 17% of non-Hispanics(6). This is even more evident with Hispanic restaurant-goers; they are 2X more likely to say mobile coupons would make them try a new restaurant vs. non-Hispanics(7).

We also see that Hispanics who share content daily are 2x more likely to find online video advertising useful than those who aren’t sharing daily(8). When we do a deep dive into beauty consumers, we find that a whopping 60% enjoy watching beauty advertising videos online vs. 39% of non-Hispanics(5). When connecting with Hispanics digitally, think about enticing them with apps, digital coupons, branded content, ads, loyalty programs, newsletters, blogs, etc.

Make your Hispanic customer feel welcomed and appreciated, and you’ll reap the benefits of a shopper looking to spend MORE

Hispanics enjoy the shopping experience – both brick-and-mortar AND online. In fact, 88% of Hispanic internet users shop online and they’re also doing it frequently(9): One in three U.S. Hispanic internet users purchase an item digitally at least 1x week(10). When we look at the retail industry, Hispanics spend an average of $65 per online buying visit with Spanish-dominant Hispanics spending even more, at $70 per buying visit(11).  In 2015, this Hispanic online retail buying power totaled $57 billion(11).  This is definitely a consumer that will drive growth for your brands and products.

I’ve highlighted only a fraction of the category-specific digital insights we have. Want to know which brands are executing these actions successfully? How about more category-specific information by insights? For more insights, as well as some best-in-class examples of brands using this information to connect with U.S. Hispanics, check out our video recording below to watch the webinar in its entirety.

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