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Trust and Value: Univision News

For years, we at Univision have been touting how Univision News is truly a different brand of news, particularly compared to that which you find in the English-language marketplace.  With higher Hispanic viewership than any major competitors combined, and an unrivaled brand equity based on more than 60 years in the community, Univision News knows no peer.  However, earlier this year, we embarked on a custom study with Latitude to uncover how and why Univision News connects with Hispanics, all to enumerate deeper insights around what this unique relationship with Hispanic viewers can offer marketers and advertisers.

Here are some key findings:



News consumption is on the rise – with highly engaged audiences who tune in to connect with the latest stories and stay up-to-date. Both Hispanics and non-Hispanics report higher news viewership (61%) across all media platforms in the past year. News viewers are tuning in for different reasons, either because they want to learn something new or they want a deeper understanding of a specific issue. Whatever the reason, they are leaning in and more engaged than ever.

When taking a closer look at Hispanics, Spanish-language news has an advantage over English-language news because it fuels respect, creates a deep personal connection, and links them to their “home” countries. Compared to English-language news, 73% of Hispanics feel that Spanish language news accurately represents their perspective on topics and issues, and 72% feel more connected to their community through it.



As advertisers are looking for brand safe environments, they may be wary of news content. However, results show that news content does not adversely impact brand sentiment: 96% of viewers feel positive or neutral when watching ads within serious/hard news content.

Additionally, Spanish-language news content improves viewer’s opinion of advertised brands. In fact, Hispanic viewers feel positively about the brands who choose to sponsor news content: 55% of Hispanics think that the brand is smart to associate with news content, and 54% feel that the brand is more relevant to them when they do.



Univision News is the #1 News source for Hispanics with a 29% advantage over the closest competitor.  Hispanic viewers trust Univision to keep them up-to-date and connected to their community through the network’s format, revered anchors, and perspective on stories. This trust translates to creating a positive halo for ads. Results show that 73% of Univision news viewers feel positive about brands advertising within news content. Moreover, when compared to English-language news, Univision News content drives higher brand favorability and info-seeking: Viewers are 28% more likely to feel more favorable towards brands advertised on Univision News and 16% more likely to want to watch or learn more about the brands advertised on Univision News than on English-language news.

In an environment where trust, loyalty, and brand safety are the utmost concern for marketers Univision News offers something truly differentiated.


Source: Univision News and Latitude – News Viewer Study, Winter 2018.

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