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Univision Farmacia Card is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Back in January of last year, Univision, in partnership with Envision RxOptions and HolaDoctor, launched the Univision Farmacia Card, a program that was created for the Hispanic community in response to the growing number of Americans facing rising healthcare costs. Since then, Univision Farmacia has reached a great milestone, having garnered over one million members in its first year. The leading prescription discount program for Hispanics recently saw strong growth with one of the best months ever this past January. This is thanks in part to our new television commercials which feature compelling testimonials from satisfied customers.

Here’s a sample of video testimonials from some Univision Farmacia customers.

The Univision Farmacia Card, which is currently accepted nationally in over 42,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, provides members with discounts of up to 85 percent on medications with an average savings of 40 percent across brand and generic drugs combined. In order to ensure maximum reach, the program is completely free to participants with no eligibility requirements, restrictions or waiting periods, and may be used by anyone in the United States or Puerto Rico any time a prescription is not covered by insurance.

As part of our mission to serve the Hispanic community, the Univision Farmacia program was created to empower Hispanics, which at times are disproportionately affected by lack of education and awareness pertaining to health issues. In fact, Hispanics are 21 percent less likely to be diagnosed with disease than non-Hispanics according to Univision’s Patient Journey Study that unveiled a need for more in-culture communications about health and medicine. This research found that targeted communications have a stronger influence and that Hispanics tend to feel more comfortable about taking medication if healthcare marketers are able to connect with Hispanics in their own language and culture. In line with these results, and coupled with the growing number of uninsured Americans, the Univision Farmacia Card was an intuitive program for us to introduce. All in all, the Univision Farmacia Card is just what the doctor ordered for the Hispanic community!

To learn more about the program and download the free Univision Farmacia Card, visit or call 1-877-309-5748. Digital cards may also be downloaded to your mobile device for presentation at participating pharmacies by texting the word FARMACIA to 567899.

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