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Discover New Hispanic eCommerce Insights

There’s no denying U.S. Hispanics are an economic powerhouse, representing more than $1.4 trillion in annual consumer spending power. In 2017, Hispanic online retail spending totaled $57 billion, representing 15% of all online retail dollars. That’s an increase of 10% from 2015, outpacing non-Hispanic growth of just 4% over that same time. This signifies a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to grow with this consumer.

To help marketers better understand the Hispanic online shopper, Univision partnered with Media Predict for a custom study to explore Hispanics’ online path to purchase and how it compares to non-Hispanics.

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Here’s a sneak peek at a few differences we discovered compared to non-Hispanic shoppers:

  • Hispanics are adopting digital wallets more quickly.
  • Retailer recommendations have a larger impact on Hispanic purchases.
  • Hispanics are much more interested in personalized and innovative shopping experiences such as personalized loyalty offerings and VR experiences.
Sources: 1. Selig Center for Economic Growth, The Multicultural Economy 2016 2. The NPD Group/ NPD Retail Hispanic Shopping Activity 3. Media Predict/Univision E-Commerce Study May 2018

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