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Restaurant Leadership Conference: An Inside Look at How Dunkin’ Donuts Organizes to Win with Hispanics

Over the past five years, Univision has taken the stage at the annual Restaurant Leadership Conference where we’ve given attendees a look at the successful strategies restaurant leaders have employed as they build out their Hispanic marketing efforts.

This year, more than 500 restaurant operators attended our session as we brought the unique perspective of Dunkin’ Brands’ Brand Marketing Manager, Janina Delloca-Pawlowski, to discuss Dunkin’ Donuts noticeably increased commitment to Hispanics.

Here’s what Delloca-Pawlowski had to say on how Dunkin’ Donuts has organized for success with Hispanics:

Acknowledging Strength in Numbers– “Honestly the numbers speak for themselves. Hispanics over-index in QSRs, specifically with coffee beverages. So, any kind of resistance that another brand may have, we at Dunkin’ don’t have. It’s such a great opportunity.”

Adopting a Total Market Approach– “We want to make sure that we have mass appeal for all consumers. We integrated into the total market planning, so we truly have a 360 approach to our Hispanic efforts. It all comes down to knowing the consumer and making sure that you’re integrating those Hispanic insights into general market as well.”

Communicating in Language– “Consumers really appreciate being communicated to in the language of their choice. At Dunkin’, we make a strong effort to have all our communication channels available in Spanish so the consumer can really identify how they want to engage with our brand—whether it’s through TV, radio, or our mobile app. It’s also about showing them that you care. Even if they choose not to engage in Spanish, the fact that you have Spanish-language available shows a commitment to them, which I think is really important.”

Finding the Cultural Nuances– “In terms of understanding the Hispanic insights, we always make sure our agencies are briefed at the same time to try to infuse those cultural nuances from inception to execution.” She gave the example of the launch of the GranDDe Burrito. “Our strategy was big and bold flavors, but we had a different approach to the English language and Spanish language communications. The English language creative was very millennial focused and all about the big burrito. When talking to Hispanic consumers, we wanted to communicate that this is an authentic flavor profile. So, we focused on size, as well as flavor. Finding those cultural nuances that resonate with the consumer, so that you can say the same thing in English and Spanish, or emphasizing flavor or bigness, that’s really how you can engage with those consumers.”

To learn more from our conversation at RLC, watch this recap video.

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