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Hispanics Crave More Coffee Flavors

September 29th is National Coffee day, and there’s one group who knows how to celebrate this beverage like no other— Hispanics. Whether it’s served during the day or at night, hot or iced, black or con leche, Hispanics are a core coffee consumer especially for fast food restaurants. According to Mintel, 67% of Hispanics agree that coffee from QSRs tastes as good as most coffee houses compared to 49% of non-Hispanics. And now there are certain flavors playing a key role in their coffee consumption habits, giving operators an even bigger opportunity to win with this valuable segment.

A recent Mintel report on Coffee and Tea on Premise, shows that Hispanic consumers are statistically more likely than non-Hispanics to be interested in trying coffee with authentic flavors popular in Latin countries. For instance, Hispanics are interested in trying horchata flavored coffee (21% vs. only 12% for NH), cinnamon flavored coffee (36% vs. 28% NH) and Mexican chocolate flavored coffee (31 vs. 22 for NH) at a food service restaurant. (Note: the interest in cinnamon could stem from their interest in horchata, as horchata is made with cinnamon.)

Across the country, many chains are already launching drinks with these flavors as limited time offers in specific regions. So there may be an opportunity for restaurants to launch these flavors in areas with a higher Hispanic population. With more flavors like Mexican-chocolate and horchata, operators will be sure to attract Hispanic coffee-loving consumers.

 Source: 1. Mintel Quick Service Restaurants, US-May 2017.2. Mintel Coffee and Tea on Premise, US- August 2017.

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