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UCI Leads the Digital Conversation with the L.A. Hispanic Digital Summit

Earlier this year, our Phoenix Local team recognized that the Hispanic digital consumer was increasingly at the forefront of their client conversations and they decided to take action. The team saw an opportunity and they organized a digital summit to discuss, well, just that—Hispanic digital consumers. A few weeks later, the biggest station in Los Angeles regardless of language, KMEX, invited 100 clients to our offices to do the same. Below are some of the top takeaways from the first L.A. Hispanic Digital Summit:

Smartphones are the Content Hub for Hispanic Millennials

Millennials and mobile go hand in hand, and this connection runs deeper with L.A Hispanic Millennials. According to Scarborough, Hispanic millennials in L.A. overindex in smartphone ownership more than any other age breakout – Hispanic or non-Hispanic. And whether it’s fun and light or hard hitting content, mobile is their go-to source for the information they want, when they want it.  In L.A., Hispanic millennials are 66% more likely than NH millennials to listen to the radio online and overindex in local and national news consumption on mobile. (1)

Digital Ads Resonate with Hispanics

Our local digital partner, xAD, presented how we use geo-precise technology to serve mobile ads to customers in proximity to a client’s locale. A case study revealed that Hispanics were 225% more likely to visit the store. This is corroborated by Millward Brown’s research which shows Hispanics have a more positive reaction to digital ads than other cohorts. In their study, Hispanics find ads on smartphones more useful (40% vs. 17%) and influential (36% vs. 17%) than non-Hispanics. (2)

Passion Points Connect on Social, Too

The day ended in a panel of experts sharing their thoughts on digital marketing trends, everything from native advertising to social strategies. To focus on the audience perspective, we invited UCI radio personality Evelyn Sicarios. For Evelyn, social continues the relationship with her listeners past her 10a-2p slate. Evelyn sees engagement levels spike when she shares moments with her family, attesting to family as a cultural pillar with Hispanics. Hispanic passion points not only provide social influencers a way to connect, but are an entry way for brands to share meaningful information in a personal way.

Source: 1) Scarborough 2015 Release 1, Los Angeles. “Online” defined as having Internet Access. “Millennial defined as Adults 18-34. Ways used Internet/Apps on Smartphone in the past 30 days.  2) Specific Media and Starcom MediaVest Group, “Hispanic Americans Foreshadow the Future of Media” conducted by Millward Brown Digital, March 11, 2015

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