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Reaching Hispanics this Father’s Day

In a survey from VozLatinum Research, results show that Hispanics believe parenting roles are shifting in Hispanic households here in the United States. Respondents indicated that Hispanic fathers in the U.S. are more often now adopting responsibilities traditionally associated with mothers, and some even went on to say that complete role reversals are common.

So what does this mean as we approach Father’s Day?

Although Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates in some Latin American countries, 81% of our audience celebrates Father’s Day on the U.S. date according to a recent survey from Univision’s Research Community. 60% of respondents said that they celebrate Father’s Day with a family gathering at home with more than half indicating that these gatherings included 10 or more people. Other significant traditions mentioned involve presenting gifts and going out to dinner. Over two-thirds of respondents spend more than $50 on gifts with clothing, accessories and personal care products being top choices.

Furthermore, when Univision asked what father figure living or dead they admired most, the overwhelming majority stated their own father. Father’s Day is another moment that Hispanics celebrate with their extended families. Whether you provide all the components for that special dish to be prepared or are the brand of cologne or wallet Dad’s receive on this special day, don’t miss out on your chance to connect with Hispanic families by helping celebrate their Dads.

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Source: Latinum Research, VozLatinum Research Survey, June 2013; Univisionistas Online Research Community, May-June 2015.

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