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Hispanics Honor the Easter Holiday and Holy Week with Big Celebration and Family Trips

In the United States, Easter has evolved into a large-scale commercial celebration consisting of Easter eggs and magical bunnies, but for Hispanics, the Easter holiday is still deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition.  It is known that 7 in 10 religious Hispanics choose Catholicism, and as a result, many Hispanics hold steadfast to the religious aspects of the Holy Holiday, and the entire Holy Week, or “Semana Santa.” They offer brands incremental opportunities to be part of their shopping, travel and special meal planning during this sacred time. We see across the board that Hispanic traditions are additive, honoring their Latino influence while adapting new U.S. customs at the same time.

Much like other Holidays throughout the year, Hispanics celebrate with large family gatherings that often include celebratory meals.  A recent Univision poll revealed that an overwhelming majority (74%) of Univision viewers have a special family gathering on Easter Sunday, with 23% of them hosting more than ten people at those gatherings.

Above all, family is most important to Hispanics during these Holidays, and especially so during Holy Week. In most Latin American countries, schools and offices close for the week, which allow for vacation, relaxation and quality time with loved ones.  With half (49%) of all Hispanic travelers taking holiday trips at Easter time, and 83% of Hispanics planning their leisure vacations around school vacations (vs. 79% of Non-Hispanics), the Easter season is also a prime time to reach the Hispanic traveler.

For any brand looking to make an impact in Q2, the ever-important Hispanic consumer should not be overlooked, especially during this peak period for spending, traveling and celebrating.

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Source: Univisionistas Online Research Community, December 2014. Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2014.  Base: A18+ who have an identified religious preference; Mintel “Seasonal Vacations” June 2014.  Base: Internet users 18+ who have taken at least one spring vacation in the last 12 months.  *Base: Internet users 18+ who’ve taken at least one vacation in the last 12 months; Mintel “Hispanics and Travel” July 2013.  Base: Hispanic internet users

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