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Sign Up for this Hispanic 411 Webinar on July 31: New Findings on Engaging Hispanic Millennials

By Roberto Ruiz, EVP - Research, Insights and Analytics

Jul 21, 2014

Understanding how to create effective messaging is imperative for winning with millennials. It’s even more important when trying to reach the increasingly growing and bilingual Hispanic millennial target.  The fundamental question always comes up, “What is the effect of language when advertising to young bilingual Hispanics?”

Our next Hispanic 411 webinar, entitled “The Bilingual Brain: Language Matters When Engaging Hispanic Millennials,” will delve into this question.  Using Nielsen’s latest Neuroscience technology, Univision and SMG Multicultural partnered to gauge Hispanic Millennials responsiveness to brand messages.  The webinar will present the findings from this custom study, and explore insights like the impact of advertising language on memory and emotion, the importance of programming language context, and the use of Spanglish messaging.

Please join us on Thursday, July 31st, at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT to learn more and walk away with crucial insights to win with this ever important consumer.

Click here to register.

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