Press Univision in the News Has Univision finally found a telenovela that can beat Telemundo in prime time? It looks like it

Nov 2, 2018

By: Alicia Civita

For the first time in months, Univision took first place in ratings for the 10 p.m. slot thanks to its new series “Amar a muerte,” by Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón and starring Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown, along with Venezuelan actor Alejandro Nones.

“It’s a very special project, because I never worked in my country and having a role written by one of the best Venezuelan writers is the best thing that could happen to me,” Nones told El Nuevo Herald during an interview, which also included Boyer and Brown, at the Univision headquarters in Doral.

The story centers around “who we think we are versus how others see us,” said Brown, who plays three characters in one. The first is a murdered man. The second is the soul of an entrepreneur who gets into his body and the third is a driver he is pretending to be.

Boyer, in her first role that is not the stereotypical “good” or “bad” character of traditional soap operas, plays Lucía Borges, a woman who was the victim of child abuse who tries to compensate for her beaten self-esteem with money.

For the actors, “Amar a muerte” seeks to present a hybrid between telenovelas and dramatic series, without reverting to the current trend of drug trafficking, or unreal melodrama with vacuous characters.

All three have a sparkle in their eyes when they speak of Padrón’s script and the production by Lemon Films and W studios, a Colombian-American production company with Carlos Bardasano as Senior VP of General Content. “It’s a luxury to work with Leonardo Padrón,” said Boyer.

The series debuted worldwide on Univision Monday and was a hit. According to preliminary hearing measurements, “Amar a muerte” surpassed “Señora Acero” in all demographic groups.

The episodes can be seen for a limited time on demand and later on the Univision Now streaming platform.


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