Cheddar: Latin Influencers Turning to Univision

Dec 12, 2017

Two years ago, Univision launched the Univision Creator Network. Now, the division has grown to encompass over 200 Latin influencers.

UCN is a multi-channel network that partners with the biggest influencer names in the Hispanic community across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and every other social channel. The partnerships allow Univision to grow their name, reach, brand, and revenue, while doing the same for the influencers.

Jennifer Perri is the Vice President at Univison Creator Network and she joins Cheddar to explain how she launched UCN and has grown it. Perri says that branding and natural engagement have proved successful and fruitful.

In terms of looking ahead to 2018, Perri wants to start expanding their reach to include up-and-coming Latin singers after the popularity of songs like “Despacito,” and “Mi Gente.”

Perri is proud to work with Latin creators who she thinks represent the future of media and Hollywood.

Source: Cheddar

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