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Produ: Univision: Activating Over 600 New Brands Across Many Categories

Jun 1, 2017

Over the last year, Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) has activated over 600 new brands across many categories, including Auto, Technology, E-commerce, Beauty, Finance, CPG, Pharma, and OTC.

“Hispanic consumers are mobile enthusiasts; they like to spend on consumer electronics and contribute to growth in the Technology category twice as fast than non-Hispanics. With that in mind, we’ve seen incredible engagement in this category. Amazon saw the value in our consumer and for the first time ever invested in Spanish language on Univision during the holiday season. Additionally, Apple went from not engaging with the Hispanic consumer in language three years ago to investing in the UCI portfolio for most of their entire product line in the last few years (iPhone, iWatch, MAC),” expressed Keith Turner, President, Advertising Sales and Marketing, UCI.

When consulted on the use of programmatic, Turner responded that last year they selected their first Demand Side Platform (DSP) partner for programmatic television, AOL. “We successfully executed our initial programmatic TV campaign with Yves St. Laurent at the end of the year and they have returned on multiple occasions, which speaks of the success they experienced in targeting the Hispanic viewer. This was the first TV campaign of any kind for YSL on Univision. This year, we are looking to expand our capabilities by adding additional DSPs (i.e. Videology) to further grow the platform,” he added.

Source: Produ

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