SB Nation: Los Golpies- Lucha Underground's Totally Unofficial Slammy Awards

Dec 30, 2015

By My Big Mouth

With all the focus on WWE’s Slammies this week, I think it’s only fair that we should introduce Los Golpies (basing this of the Spanish for slam), for the breakout promotion of the year Lucha Underground.

CAUTION: May contain spoilers, nuts and traces of Soy

Luchadore of the year:

There is so many to pick from this year, as is the beauty of LU is that everyone has been given a nice slice of the pie, however there is one for me who has stolen the spotlight (…and blackened hearts) of The Believers.

Winner: Pentagon Jr

The guy, when he first appeared in The Temple, had something about him, but could have quite easily have been lost in the pack; however, he was taken under his wing (off screen) by Vampiro and this took his game the next level.

Women’s Lucha of the year

Tough category this one as there has been some outstanding performances in ring as well as “outside” of the ring. From Melissa Santos being wonderful on the mic, to Catrina being an awesomely evil manager/valet, then we have the in ring talents as well who have been excellent, but the winner for me only just edges it.

Winner: Ivelisse

Whilst Sexy Star was a close runner up for this, Ivelisse just took things a little step further, adding a little touch of comedy to the Trios scene, without it coming off as crass and cheesy.

Breakout Star of the Year

Whilst it’s tempting to to give this to Pentagon Jr and let him take the double. There has been a huge amount of stars you could say have broken out beyond the realms of Lucha based wrestling and into the more “mainstream Western” style of wrestling (for want of a better term). Whilst Fenix, King Cuerno, and Prince Puma are very worthy, and could have also been contenders for Luchadore of the Year, for me there is one winner:

Winner: Angelico

The guy has has cero miedo, and his spot during that ladder match… whooft. The guy also had something about him which I could see him getting the attention of a certain Connecticut based outfit… unless they are too stocked up on “Flippy Shit” guys.

Trios of the Year

Whilst there has been limited competition in this field, as some of the contenders have been singles players put together and whilst it’s been very tempting to go with the popular team on this one. For me as a team there is one set of Trios who deserved it.

Winner: The Crew

It was tempting to go with Angleico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse; however, The Crew did Tag Team wrestling brilliantly and brutally, and for me were quite underrated.

Match of the Year

This is a tough one to call, there have been some epic matches in the first 39 episodes, Ladders matches, Aztec Warfare, The Vampiro/Pentagon Jr match, Mundo v Puma Ironman match, and even the series of title matches that have been had throughout the season. However, one match topped the lot and would even be my contender for Match of the Year across the whole of the world of wrestling

Winner: Grave Consequences Casket Match – Mil Muertes v Fenix

This match was brutal, it was bloody and this can be off putting for some people; however, in the right amounts this can work… and work it did. This was how a casket match should be as those used to the more WWE style of casket match will be expecting this to be race to get the guy in the casket. But this was not the case, and the casket was used as a weapon and was used to be, as should be the case, the final nail in the coffin.

Rivalry of the Year

There have been so many rivalries this season that have been well written well played out, and fantastically worked in the ring. Prince Puma v Mil Meurtes, Johnny Mundo v Alberto El Patron, Texano v El Patron and last but by no means least the fantastic Vamprio v Pentagon Jr feud. However, there has been one which has just edged out everything else, and although this may seem like a cop out winner for some, it’s testament to main player in the game.

Winner: Dario Cueto v Anybody and Everybody

What can be said about El Jefe, he’s the best authority figure in professional wrestling today, whilst you could argue that Vince McMahon’s last minute appearance this year could have change the game… really it hasn’t, and Dario Cueto has been killing it all season long and doing exactly what an authority figure should be doing and not putting themselves out their to have the ego stroked… right Haitch, right Steph, right Dixie?

“This is Awesome” Moment of the Year

To get this out straight out the bat for those who have not seen the show, Lucha Underground is not a spot fest, but when the spots come… oh boy. Whilst there has been many, many awesome moments throughout the season, this award has been stolen by one man, for not one but two “This is Awesome” moments of the year.

Winner: Angelico

I’m not going to describe them… just watch here and here… or in gif format here andhere

“OMG!” Shocking Moment of the Year

Whilst the This is Awesome, could be a contender, for those who followed the whole show, there was only one moment that made you go OMG and realize why you fell in love with the art that is grown ups fondling each other in public whilst in their underwear, that is wrestling.

Winner: Vampiro reveals he’s the master

This moment was the best all season and for those who had been invested in the whole setup of this, it was a brilliant pay off and something for others to learn from, by sticking the course and giving a proper pay off.

Extreme Moment of the Year

Whilst the Vampiro v Pentago Jr and the Grave Consequences match could take this one, but one moment pipped this and rightly so in my mind:

Winner: Mil Muertes powebombs Fenix through the roof

This one requires the gif to show you how great this moment was, you can find it by clicking this link here

Source: SN Nation

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