Latin Post: 'Univision Contigo' Campaign To Offer Financial Empowerment Tools to Hispanics, Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit of Latino Community

Mar 18, 2015

‘Univision Contigo’ Campaign To Offer Financial Empowerment Tools to Hispanics, Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit of Latino Community

By Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Nearly $500 billion in revenue has been grossed by U.S. Latino businesses, contributing to the overall national economy in a big way.

And Univision, one of the foremost media companies serving the U.S. Latino community, wants to continue that trend.

Univision Communications Inc. recently launched a platform to engage, inform and empower Latino entrepreneurs. “Univision Contigo” celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the Latino community, and it offers the public information and resources to help expand business and prolong success.

Since 2007, Latino business ownership has skyrocketed in America. The startup rate for U.S. Latino firms has more than doubled in less than a decade, and Latinos are twice more likely to start a business than non-Latinos, exemplifying Latinos’ natural inclination toward homegrown business. This is something to be proud of.

“We are proud to continue to expand our support of Hispanic business owners with a commitment to celebrate successes to date and share information and resources that will ultimately help strengthen the fastest growing segment of American business today,” said Roberto Llamas, executive vice president for Human Resources & Community Empowerment, Univision Communications Inc., said in a statement.

“In addition to the many community outreach efforts we are leading across the country, we are delighted that the Small Business Administration will be working with us to make additional Spanish-language material and resources available for our business community.”

Powerful and rapidly growing, Latinos are a driving force behind America’s economic life. For this reason, Univision Contigo and the SBA looked to teach the inner workings of business to the U.S. Latino population. The digital platform offers the three C’s: “capital to help finance new startups; counseling to help entrepreneurs create a business plan and execute it; and contracts to help grow and expand.” Contigo also understands that each business starts small, and viable businesses flourish when they have the support of families and communities.

Univision Contigo will host nationwide events and awareness campaigns; offer personal accounts and enhanced tools; and showcase a survey of Hispanic-owned businesses. Financial literacy workshops, small business seminars and town halls will act as small business boot camps to promote readiness and entrepreneurial success.

Throughout the month of March, there will be numerous television PSAs featuring anchor Enrique Acevedo, Univision TV personality Chiquinquira Delgado and the administrator of the Small Business Administration Maria Contreras-Sweet.

Univision Local Media stations will profile local small business owners; their digital platform will feature the stories of five Latino entrepreneurs from around the nation; and a nightly program “Noticiero: Edicion Nocturna” will air regular segments highlighting entrepreneurial success stories through its “Sueño Americano” series.

On top of that, financial empowerment tools, loan facilitation and a Spanish-language website featuring Latino business owners will be made available. Additionally, thousands of Hispanic business owners from around the nation participated in a survey, which revealed findings that showcased individual business development and growth.

Source: Latin Post

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