Defend Our Dreams Coalition in Partnership with Univision and Entravision Activates Communities on Immigration

Jan 17, 2018

Defend Our Dreams Coalition in Partnership with Univision and Entravision Activates Communities on Immigration Call to Action Across 20 Media Markets

Washington, D.C. – Last night, Defend Our Dreams Coalition, in partnership with Univision and Entravision Communications Corporation, launched a campaign across 20 major media markets mobilizing communities to call Congress and demand immediate legislative action on immigration to protect Dreamers.

Today, Wednesday, January 17—a national day of action—Univision and Entravision will have phone bank operators from the Defend Our Dreams Coalition standing-by to take viewer calls and to help the community connect directly with their members of Congress.

“These past months, we’ve seen the incredible passion and action displayed by countless individuals in support of immigrants and Dreamers who greatly contribute to this country. In collaboration with the ‘Defend Our Dreams’ coalition, we are proud to continue to empower our community and enable them to directly urge Congress to pass legislation by January 19th. The fate of hundreds of thousands of families and the economic future of the U.S. are at stake if Congress doesn’t take action to fix the country’s immigration system,” said Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, Univision’s executive vice president of government and corporate affairs.

“At Entravision we have a long history of service to our local communities and are dedicated to covering the most important issues impacting the audiences we reach,” said Luisa Collins, Vice President of News, Social Affairs and Wellness of Entravision.  “Through our local news programming, to opening our phone banks in support of this effort, we are pleased to have the opportunity to inform and support community engagement on issues ranging from immigration to the economy.”

“With their latest effort, Univision and Entravision continue to show us that they stand with millions of immigrant young people who are fighting for freedom and for permanent protection from deportation,” stated Cristina Jimenez, executive director of United We Dream. “We applaud Univision and Entravision for empowering their audience, millions of Latinos, to send a strong and unified message to Members of Congress: we need the Dream Act by January 19th.”

Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said, “Univision and Entravision have been leaders in empowering Latinos and immigrants to act in our communities’ best interest. We are grateful for their continued commitment to informing and uplifting the voices of those with the most at stake in this crucial moment—and to partner with them in these efforts.”

The media markets include: Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, El Paso, Fresno, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, McAllen, New York, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Orlando, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, Tampa, Washington D.C., and Yuma.

CONTACT: Carolina Valencia 212-455-4712


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