Univision is Top S-L Network in Prime Time for 8th Consecutive Week, Doubling Audience of its Closest Competitor

May 31, 2017

Univision is Top Spanish-Language Network in Prime Time for Eighth Consecutive Week, More than Doubling the Audience of its Closest Competitor Across Key Demographics

Univision was the No. 1 Network on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights with Adults 18-34 and No. 1 on Sunday Night with Adults 18-49

Weeknights at 10pm Univision is also No. 1, Ahead of NBC, CBS and ABC with Adults 18-34

Univision Broadcast Prime Highlights
Week of May 22, 2017 to May 28, 2017

In the current 2016/2017 season, Univision continues to be the No. 1 Spanish-language network among Total Viewers 2+, Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 season-to-date and for the eighth consecutive week, as well as the fifth most-watched broadcast network during primetime with Adults 18-34.

  • For the week, Univision more than doubled the audience of its closest Spanish-language competitor among Total Viewers 2+ (+109%), Adults 18-49 (+115%) and Adults 18-34 (+121%).

For the entire week, Univision was the No. 4 Broadcast network among Adults 18-34, beating CBS by +32%.

Compared to the previous week, Univision grew its prime audience by +14% among Total Viewers 2+ (to 1.7 million), +27% among Adults 18-49 (to 841,000), and +29% among Adults 18-34 (to 367,000).

During the 8pm hour, “La Reina de la Canción” (The Queen of Song) grew its audience for the second consecutive week among Total Viewers 2+ (+2% to 1.5 million), Adults 18-49 (+6% to 662,000) and Adults 18-34 (+5% to 298,000).

At 9pm Univision’s “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo” (The Double Life of Estela Carrillo) averaged 1.7 million Total Viewers 2+, 769,000 Adults 18-49 and 335,000 Adults 18-34.

Univision was the No. 1 broadcast network among Adults 18-34 and No. 3 among Adults 18-34 during the weeknight 10pm to 11pm hour.

  • Airing “La Piloto” (The Pilot) in the 10pm hour, Univision attracted 1.5 Million Total Viewers 2+, 736,000 Adults 18-49 and 333,000 Adults 18-34.
  • With Adults 18-34, Univision outperformed NBC (+1%), ABC (+60%) and CBS (+21%). Univision also held an +8% advantage over ABC among Adults 18-49.

Univision out-delivered one or more of the English-Language broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX) on six out of seven nights among Adults 18-34 and two nights among Adults 18-49.

  • On Monday night Univision outperformed CBS (+24%) as the No. 4 broadcast network among Adults 18-34.
  • Univision maintained its No. 4 position on Tuesday night, beating CBS by +9% with Adults 18-34.
  • Univision was the No. 3 broadcast network on Thursday night, beating both CBS (+25%) and NBC (+47%) among Adults 18-34.
  • Among Adults 18-34, Univision was the No. 1 broadcast network on Friday night. Univision beat both CBS (+29%) and NBC (+20%) by double-digit margins, and out-delivered FOX (+5%) and ABC (+1%).
    • In the current season, Univision is the top pick over FOX among Adults 18-34. Univision attracted more Adults 18-34 viewers than FOX on 27 out of 36 Friday nights, 75% of the nights this season-to-date.
  • Univision sustained its No. 1 broadcast network rank on Saturday night among Adults 18-34 and rose to the No. 3 position with Adults 18-49.
    • Among Adults 18-34, Univision delivered near triple the audience of CBS (+197%), while out-delivering ABC (+88%) and NBC (+20%) by double-digit margins. Univision also attracted more Adults 18-34 than FOX (+9%).
    • Univision out-paced ABC (+64%) and CBS (+55%) by double-digit margins among Adults 18-49.
  • Out-performing its closest competitor by double-digit margins, Univision finished as the No. 1 Broadcast network on Sunday among both Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34.
    • With Adults 18-34, Univision delivered more than four times the viewers of CBS (+318%), more than double ABC (+167%), nearly double that of NBC (+98%) and more than half the Adults 18-34 of FOX (+54%).
    • Delivered more than double the Adults 18-49 viewers of ABC (+116%) and CBS (+164%), and beat both FOX (+22%) and NBC (+60%) by double-digit margins.
    • Univision had the top 2 programs for the night with both Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34, and its entire prime lineup ranked among the top 10.
      • Kicked off the night with the second leg of the Liga MX finals and attracted 2.8 million Total Viewers 2+, 1.6 million Adults 18-49 and 712,000 Adults 18-34. Not only was the live soccer match the No. 1 program for both Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34, it also is the most viewed soccer match this year.
      • Following at 9pm a special edition of “Contacto Deportivo” attracted 2.3 million Total Viewers 2+, 1.4 million Adults 18-49 and 631,000 Adults 18-34. “Contacto Deportivo” was the No. 2 program for the night with Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34.
      • Following at 10pm “Aquí y Ahora” (Here and Now) delivered 1.2 million Total Viewers 2+, 600,000 Adults 18-49 and 250,000 Adults 18-34. Ranked among the top 10 programs for the night with Adults 18-49 (#9) and Adults 18-34 (#8).

Source: Nielsen, NPM (05/22/2017-05/28/2017) vs prior week (05/15/2017-05/21/2017). Mon-Sat 8pm-11pm/Sun 7pm-11pm, Live+SD. 2016/2017 Season based on most current data (09/19/2016-05/28/2017).

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