Produ: Univision Digital: The renovation of Univision Digital has readers/viewers as absolute priority

Apr 8, 2016

Univision Digital announced the renovation of its design as part of what will be a more in-depth transformation, which includes the definition of a new user experience, explained Borja Echevarría, the division´s VP and Editor in Chief.

In a publication authored by him, in Univisión Noticias Echevarría assured that the changes go beyond the image: “This is the start of a permanent transformation process for our digital properties that starts in the editorial office and is reflected in the product, with viewers/readers as our absolute priority”.

The first pillar is the cover Univision, where we´ll place the TV content, with the interactivity that the Internet allows. Then, Univison Noticias, which is growing in formats and topics. Lastly, the third experience will be in the section Deportes.

The executive expressed that the new Univision Digital is thought for mobiles, because that is where most of their audience is. “If there is a group in the US that marks the path regarding trends, it is Latinos. According to Pew Research and other studies, their handling of smartphones is very much above average”.

Echevarría highlighted that in the following days they will continue adding improvements in the format of the articles, videos and galleries, as well as updating applications and creating new editorial projects.

Source: Produ

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