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Latinos & the COVID-19 Vaccine: Closing the Gap Between Perception and Reality


As COVID-19 misinformation and vaccine hesitation continues to spread, Univision hosted “Latinos and the COVID-19 Vaccine: Closing the Gap between Perception and Reality” to discuss the reasons why Latinos are one of the most hard-hit communities by this virus, and what is needed to get them up to speed on the reality of the vaccine. According to the data shared, the vaccine’s success will require many types of messaging and heavy local media needs – and in a state like California, where 77% of CA Latinos 5+ speak at least some Spanish, the platforms communicating those messages are important as well. Although the webinar was California-focused, we had attendees join from out-of-state as there is little-to-no Latino-focused COVID/vaccine research in many regions of the U.S.

In this webinar, you’ll access our latest Univision Research data and RJI-NAB Findings. To view the deck presented in the webinar, please click here.

If you would like further research, have any COVID-19 questions from your region, or would like to discuss how your messaging can reach Latinos with vaccine hesitation, please reach out to


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