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Multiplatform Influencer Marketing: UCN Influencers & Brands Meet at VidCon 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we launched the Univision Creator Network (UCN) at VidCon, and since then have gathered such a large (the largest!) roster of U.S. Hispanic influencers and created some really amazing brand collaborations along the way.

This year we opened the doors to brands by hosting a speed dating activity in our Univision Creator Network Suite for brands to meet our top influencers including Josh Leyva, Supereeego, Styled by Ale, and the newly-signed Martinez Twins, among others. Combined this group has a following of 23 million young Hispanics ready to engage with their content, providing brands the perfect opportunity to plug in.

Judging by interest in our event, and VidCon’s massive industry turnout, influencer marketing is one of the most popular advertising channels, and rightfully so, as Ad Week reported 94% of those who used influencer marketing believe it’s an effective strategy.

At Univision, we are very bullish on the power influencers can offer to a brand, and here’s why:

  • Influencer marketing works because we’ve tested it promoting Univision shows

As a brand, we’re tapping into influencers to promote our properties and build new audiences for our content. We recently leveraged one of our top influencers, Rosy McMichael (3 million followers), to help drive tune-in for a beauty segment she was featured in on our top morning show, Despierta America. Rosy posted the day before and the morning of the show, prompting her fans to tune-in and share photos of her screen time. The results were impressive: We saw an 18% lift in tune-in during Rosy’s segment among her key demo (W18-34).  That’s incremental engagement brands can take advantage of when working with the UCI portfolio.

  • Influencer marketing can be a confusing & cluttered space; it helps having the right partner to navigate through it

What sets our creator network apart is our scale and breadth. We have the largest Hispanic influencer network in the U.S. with over 200 influencers, who combined boast over 73 million social fans. Their channels have over 103 monthly U.S. video views, but what’s important for brands is that their branded content’s average engagement rate is 4% — that’s 4X the industry benchmark.

When we talk about our breadth, we’re not just talking about the diversity of our influencer’s background but the diversity of the content they create, which covers everything from fashion, beauty, parenting, sports, comedy, travel, and home. This allows us to organically tie our influencers to brands and briefs of all kinds.

The UCN’s breadth also refers to broad portfolio of brands within the UCI portfolio. Our influencer network is literally plugged into a media powerhouse giving brands the flexibility to partner with the UCN to create standalone opportunities or tap into our hit properties across linear (reality shows, dramas, game shows), events (soccer games, tentpoles award shows) and digital properties (social media, apps, music).

Our influencer network is literally plugged into a media powerhouse giving brands the flexibility to create standalone opportunities or tap into our hit Univision properties.

Check out the videos below to see how we’ve been able to create multiplatform influencer campaigns that leverage our digital and linear properties.

Two of our influencers created T-Mobile branded content straight from our Premio lo Nuestro “magenta carpet” promoting T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan with posts across their social channels using #PLNilimitado. The social content garnered over 19M impressions making #PLNilimitado the second most tweeted hashtag on twitter.

Our influencers, UCI talent and Coke came together to star in a branded video series highlighting a cross-country Hispanic food adventure, pairing food with Coke. Amplifying the content across our UCI platforms and on-air with our morning show helped deliver a wider reach, while our talent and influencers really brought in the audience engagement.

Photo credit: LA Times

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