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Leading the Change: Common Elements of High ROI Campaigns

By Katerine Tovar, Senior Manager - Ad Sales Marketing

More companies are aware of the rapidly growing U.S. Hispanic market, with over $1.3 trillion in spending power but many remain cautious of targeting this demographic  — or expanding their current efforts — because of the challenge of realizing returns and the cultural intelligence required to succeed.

Others may be wondering what they can expect from the performance of their Spanish-language TV advertising campaigns. What marketing elements produce positive ROI in Hispanic marketing?

At the Leading the Change conference last year, the global head of marketing ROI for Nielsen, Matthew Krepsik, presented findings of a meta-analysis of ROI studies to determine the key variables influencing the effectiveness of Hispanic campaigns. Participants walked away understanding best practices as well as watch-outs related to ROI measurement using marketing mix models for campaigns targeted at Hispanic consumers. Watch the video to learn more.

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