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U.S. Hispanics Offer Growth for OTC Marketers

By Carlos Gutierrez, VP - Strategy and Insights - Healthcare

For OTC brands looking for growth, Hispanics are a key segment. Think about it. U.S. Hispanics currently represent 18% of the total U.S. population, but they only make up 12% ($5 billion) of OTC annual sales. Imagine what hitting demographic parity would mean for your bottom line.  Learn more about the OTC Hispanic consumer.




Source: IRi Ethnic Workbench MULO POS Data – 52 Weeks Ending 12/25/13 vs. 12/28/14 – Based on 23 OTC Categories; Voz Latinum Omnibus “Healthcare Trust and Openness”, February 2014. Survey Conducted Online Among A18+. Nielsen Brand Effect Full Year 2014 Hispanic A18+ based on primetime, non-sports programming and limited to brands that aired in both SL and EL broadcast; Simmons NCS/NHCS Spring 2014 Adult FY – Population, Based on A18

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