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July Issue of Restaurant Business Magazine is Hispanic-First

Restaurant Business July Hispanic Issue

About one year ago, Restaurant Business magazine included Hispanic consumers on its annual list of industry disruptors, the people, innovations and forces that are shaking up the status quo. This month, those very same consumers are the July issue cover story. Inside, the magazine writes about the 9 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Marketing to Hispanic Consumers.

  1. “Lead with bienvenidos”
  2. Consider Spanish, even with English-speaking audiences
  3. Interpret, don’t translate
  4. Extend the definition of family
  5. Diversify dayparts
  6. With flavor, authenticity trumps ethnicity
  7. Appeal through the cup
  8. Celebrate with more holidays
  9. Mobilize millennials

Read the feature for more, and let us know what you’d add to the mix @hispanic411.

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