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The Dish on What Drives Hispanics to Visit Casual Dining Chains

Jun 6, 2014

In our Hispanic 411 Webinar last week, we shared some of the findings of our new Casual Dining research conducted in partnership with Burke.  Our first blog focused on why Hispanics represent such a big opportunity for Casual Dining chains.  Today, it’s about what drives these consumers to visit…and we like to say it’s all about family, friends and food.

The Social Experience: We already know that Hispanics visit Casual Dining Restaurants (CDRs) with more people, so it’s no surprise why social experiences are some of the top reasons Hispanics visit CDRs. Occasions such as celebrations, watching sports and enjoying drinks with friends and colleagues were all big reasons to visit.  Family is also a key driver to getting Hispanics through the door. For example, being a fun place to take the family and being child-friendly are among the top trial drivers for Hispanics, whereas non-Hispanics place much more importance on price and convenience. In fact, 29% of non-Hispanics say that location and convenience are reasons why they visit their preferred CDR, and only 8% of Hispanics said the same.

Welcoming Families:  Hispanic consumers feel more welcome to try new CDRs when emphasis is put on family.  Twenty-eight percent of Hispanics said that “having small sizes of menu entrees available for kids” would be a reason for trying a new CDR vs. 9% of non-Hispanics.  Twenty-eight percent of Hispanics also said that large tables to accommodate large groups are important, while only 10% of non-Hispanics said the same.

Healthy Eating Options: According to the study, Hispanics are 16% more likely than non-Hispanics to say that the variety and quality of food is a reason for visiting their favorite CDR.  Healthy options are also important for parents and children.  Thirty-four percent of Hispanics agreed that having healthy meal options for their children is a good reason to try a new CDR vs. 12% for non-Hispanics.

In our final post next week, I’ll share why brands still have a tremendous opportunity to connect.  In the meantime, download our casual dining landscape infographics for more.

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