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Mobile a Key Driver of Movie Decisions at the Theater

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The 2014 Nielsen Moviegoing Report shows that Hispanic moviegoers are 15% more likely than non-Hispanics to pay attention to movie ads on TV. That’s probably why they are also more likely to have more than one movie in mind when they arrive at the theater (34% vs. 20% non-Hispanic). So, how do you influence Hispanic box office choices on site?

While non-tech factors like timing, recommendations from theater employees and on site ads were noted as influencers, mobile seems to be one of the biggest opportunities for studios to sway these last-minute choices. In each of the cases below, Hispanics overindexed non-Hispanics in taking the following actions on their smartphones to help them decide while at the theater:

  • Watch the trailer: 41% Hispanic vs. 25% NH
  • Read a review: 26% Hispanic vs. 17% NH
  • Find out who is in the movie: 24% Hispanic vs. 16% NH
  • Read the movie synopsis: 23% Hispanic vs. 16% NH
  • Text friends for advice: 18% Hispanic vs. 10% NH

Hispanics are committed moviegoing consumers; in fact, they are the most committed of all.  They also live mobile-first.  We know this from our own digital traffic.  ComScore reports that 72% of Univision’s online audience visits us exclusively through a mobile device. That’s more than Buzzfeed (71%), Twitter (66%), Vine (53%) and Facebook (28%).

The decision to go to the theater has already been made.  Don’t miss the last opportunity possible to influence what they watch via mobile.

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