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Univision NOW: What We’ve Learned Since 2015

We recently made Univision NOW available on all Roku devices. Since its launch in 2015, the direct-to-consumer streaming service has helped us gain insights on some of our most loyal viewers. We’ve used those insights to continue to refine the app as we work toward delivering the optimum user experience. Here are some examples.

The Majority of Viewing is Done on Mobile: 75% of all Univision NOW video starts occur from a mobile device. As a result, we added alerts so consumers know when their favorite show is about to start, audio only streams and more updates that allow our audience access to their favorite programs any time, regardless of situation.

On Demand Content is a Big Draw:  Our users embraced the live aspect of Univision NOW, but we also understood they wanted more. In response, we have added over 3,200 hours of library content since August, and followed with the launch of Univision NOW Originals, dramas and comedies that are exclusive to the platform. Since then, VOD usage has grown +540% and Univision NOW Originals account for 30% of VOD plays. Our newest Univision NOW Original, Super X, will premiere on both the Univision network and on Univision NOW on May 20th. You can read more about it in our recent press release. 

Pay TV Subscribers Wanted In: When our pay TV audience learned of the benefits of Univision NOW, they were vocal about wanting access. That’s why we became the first broadcast network to allow log in with TV Everywhere credentials: one streaming app, two ways to log in.

We will continue monitoring user behavior and feedback to provide the best product available. Stay tuned for more Univision NOW innovations and exclusives coming soon.

Source: Neulion, VOD usage growth based on video views, April 2017 vs. August 2016

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