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What Drives the Hispanic Consumer to Share Content?

A quarter of the 54 million Hispanics living in the U.S. are millennials, and with more content available to consumers than ever before, brands are seeking out the most effective ways to engage this coveted audience. For content creators looking to connect with the Hispanic community, it is not just about getting Hispanics to consume their material, it’s about getting them to share it. An August 2016 Mintel report focused on Hispanic consumption behavior helps us understand what drives Hispanics to share.

The report indicates that the first major driver was relevancy. The internet allows Hispanics to stay engaged with their roots in ways they never could before. 51% of Hispanics surveyed said that they try to keep up with news from Latin American countries. So, content creators should provide their POV on the political, celebrity and sports stories bubbling up across Latin America.



Our digital network, Flama, has driven engagement by producing videos like “24 Must-See Venezuelan Sayings” or “Spanish Insults That Make No Sense”. These work because they are relatable (whether you’re Venezuelan or know someone who is), authentic and specific. As Flama producer and creator Joanna Hausmann said at our annual client conference Leading the Change last year: “Specificity drives authenticity.” It also drives universal appeal.

Another characteristic of share-friendly content among Hispanics is that it can live and move easily on mobile platforms. Hispanics are known for early adoption in technology, video and mobile, and the report’s results affirm this, with 62% of Hispanics watching videos online and 49% saying the internet is their main source of entertainment. It’s essential that creators make sharing as easy as possible, including simple access from any device or platform, as well as providing the right social media plug-ins.

Speaking of social media, it’s important to note that Hispanics share content via social channels at a higher rate than the total population. They are also more likely to provide opinions on the content, especially when they feel like it was tailored to them. Brands should take their targeted content creation seriously and use it to engage these highly influential potential brand ambassadors.


Source: SSI/Mintel, August 2016


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