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Must-Know: 2016 Digital Trends from VidCon

Fresh off the heels of VidCon, here are few of the top trends from this year’s event featuring the biggest online video stars.


Productions have become a lot more advanced and sophisticated to provide audiences with live content. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with Periscope have all rallied behind this content format as a way to reach highly engaged, active audiences. Live-streaming is a great way for brands to engage viewers in real-time.

Original Content Creation

Publishers have been increasingly focused on this area, creating a great opportunity for brands to engage and have organic integrations. Creating original content allows publishers to be creative and brands to be involved from the beginning, giving the integrations a more organic fit.

Platform Distribution Strategy

Creating unique content native to the different social platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others) via a platform distribution strategy allows the content to be specifically designed for the needs of that platform, as well as the particular audience. This diversified approach helps brands to reach a broader audience across multiple channels.


This year, the most successful brands are breaking the mold of traditional media and featuring diverse faces in front of as well as behind the camera. About 40% of today’s population is multicultural, so more than ever it’s important for the content to reflect the audience that makes up the new American mainstream. The brands who truly embrace diversity will be the ones to succeed in the future.

Steven Benanav is VP of Content Partnerships and GM of Flama and Univision Creator Network, which, just after a year since its launch at VidCon, is now the leading U.S. Hispanic-focused MCN, delivering more than 40 million views on YouTube to U.S. audiences on U.S.-based channels. Read more about it here.

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