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Connecting Hispanic Students to Broadband at Home

The education of our children is a major focal point of our empowerment platform, Univision Contigo. And we know that having in-home access to broadband-connected computers is essential to better performance on basic tasks such as completing homework. That is why today, in partnership with Common Sense Media, we have launched ¡Avanzamos Connectados! (Connected, We Advance!), a campaign that highlights the educational necessity of connectivity and provides families with information about affordable access, along with guidelines to help them responsibly navigate the Internet at home.

With 7 in 10 teachers assigning homework that requires access to the Internet, students without access to broadband at home are at a clear disadvantage. Univision wants to help close this “homework gap.” To do so, we are raising awareness among parents about the educational necessity having computer and internet access is today, providing them with access to a list of affordable options for internet service and computers, and also providing families with advice on how they can ensure safe and responsible internet use at home. We will activate our assets across television, radio, digital, social platforms and our relationships with partners at the national and local level. Our efforts will be ongoing in this regard as we can’t afford to sit still while too many of our children lack this precious resource and as a result, get held back from fully realizing their potential.

You’ll hear more from me about this campaign in the coming weeks but, in the meantime, I invite you to encourage Hispanic families to learn more by visiting the new section of our Clave al Exito mobile tool, or by texting the word CONECTA to 26262. It is our responsibility to do the best we can to help our children succeed. I welcome your ideas and feedback on how we can be as effective as possible with this very important campaign. Please email your thoughts to me at

Source: Federal Communications Commission


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