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The Expanding UCI: A Content Ecosystem Serving the Multicultural Spectrum

Throughout the month of March, we traveled from Los Angeles, to Chicago, to New York City for a series of Content Development Meetings, all to showcase to our advertising partners what they can expect from UCI in the coming year and beyond.

At the core of this presentation was the new approach Univision is taking to superserve not only the Hispanic consumer—which we have done for 60 years, and will continue to do, passionately—but consumers across the multicultural spectrum that now make up the fabric of our nation.

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An evolving content strategy

Because we all live in a business environment that’s changing more rapidly than ever before, the only thing we can count on is that what made all of us successful before, is no guarantee of future results.  As our businesses get more complex, we have to be more nimble and need to be able to pivot in real time.

So while linear television is at the core of all we do, since 2011, we’ve evolved from a broadcast media company to a more complex portfolio of brands, including two broadcast networks, 14 cable networks, 126 local television and radio stations, and an impressive array of digital brands.

Now, more than ever, we are a must-buy for anyone looking to connect with multicultural consumers through premium content – anytime, anywhere.

And we’re ready to go even further. I’m proud to say that today’s Univision offers a content ecosystem, both to our consumers and our advertisers: An ecosystem that will reach consumers through content verticals based around demographics, psychographics and genres; an ecosystem that accounts for the fact that mobile is the primary point of entry for most multicultural consumers; and an ecosystem that is built upon powerful brands, each with an endemic perspective that loyal consumers specifically seek out.

Language is just the beginning

You may have noticed I have yet to use the word language.  Of course, Spanish language content has been and will continue to be a big part of what Univision offers our constituents, who love and value in-language content.  Still, as we grow to reach broader audiences in the total market, we’re being nimble, moving from an exclusive focus on language, to a broader take on in-culture programming across every category of content that our audiences find relevant.

Bringing new brands and capabilities into the fold

That’s why brands like Fusion, Flama, our multichannel network UCN, The Root, and The Onion fit beautifully into our developing ecosystem.  They offer content that connects – across platforms, formats and social media, in English and Spanish.

What’s best, the aggregated scale of our digital brands and verticals allows us to deliver data-enabled buying, supporting precision marketing and programmatic strategies that all marketers are looking for today.

As the Upfront season officially begins in earnest, I’m proud to say that now, more than ever, we are a must-buy for anyone looking to connect with multicultural consumers through premium content – anytime, anywhere.

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