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Get the Jolt You Need With Hispanics

For generations, drinking coffee has been a staple of life for Hispanics. Whether it’s served black or con leche— during the day and/or night— it’s a part of their culture and daily routine.

So, it’s no surprise that Hispanics are leading the way in coffee consumption. According to Mintel’s latest Coffee Houses report, Hispanics are more likely to have had coffee in the past three months compared to non-Hispanics.

The report also shows that 42% of Hispanics visited a coffee house chain to order coffee compared to 36% of non-Hispanics. In addition, 35% of Hispanics visited a QSR non-coffee chain to get their coffee, whereas only 28% of non-Hispanics did the same. For restaurants working to court Hispanic consumers, this speaks volumes. Think about how you could increase your sales if you cater to Hispanic preferences.

For instance, in the past three months, Hispanics are more likely to have had espresso beverages such as Cappuccinos (49% vs. 38% NH), Americanos (44% vs 28% NH) and Mochas (46% vs. 37% NH).  Think about how these sorts of beverages, or other types of espressos—like the ever popular Cuban Cortadito— can be key drivers in getting Hispanics through the door.

So, invite them in. Let them know what you have to offer. By doing so, coffee shops and QSR chains can take the lead in connecting with this key segment. It’s time to start brewing things up!

Source: Mintel Reports: “Coffee Houses and Tea Shops,” December 2015

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