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Latina Moms: Know their Motivations and Win their Hearts

Latina moms rock. But as a Latina and a mother, I might be just a little biased. Still, I’m also a marketer, and I know one thing to be true – numbers don’t lie.

In October, I was fortunate to speak to a room of marketers at the Marketing 2 Moms Conference here in NYC.   The message? If brands can understand the motivations of Latina moms and win their hearts, they’ll be well on their way to securing high-potential brand ambassadors.

Here’s why:

We’ve said it before: Hispanic spending is huge. $1.3 trillion in total, and at the retail level alone, a $330 billion opportunity according to NPD. At grocery, Hispanics are spending 10% more each month than total population ($330 vs. $300) and the cohort most likely to be young parents (millennials 25-34) are spending even more than that, $390 each month. What’s more, the Hispanic consumer is younger and lives in larger households, meaning they’re buying for more people, and if you win them over now, they’ll be yours for decades to come.

So what motivates Hispanic moms?

  • Her Hispanic culture: 34% say keeping family traditions is more important than doing things her own way (vs. 28% for non-Hispanics).
  • Socializing: 60% of Hispanics say they are happier when socializing in groups (vs. 39% of Total U.S.).
  • Looking good and feeling good: For Latinas, looking good is feeling good. Our qualitative research tells us that “Beauty is empowerment,” a notion passed down from generation to generation. It’s important for the Hispanic woman to feel arreglada, or “put together,” and that doesn’t go away when one becomes a mother.
  • And her family: Hispanic shoppers are 2x more likely to say they enjoy shopping because the products they buy keep her households happy vs. their total U.S. counterparts.

Young, loyal, and ready to spend on herself, her family, and friends, the Hispanic mom is an ideal consumer for marketers across categories. What’s your Latina mom strategy?


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