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MilkPEP and UCI Partnership Helps Build Strong Hispanic Families

The Milk Processor Education Program, commonly known as MilkPEP, and UnivisionCommunications Inc.’s (UCI) new health and wellness initiative “Elige Estar Bien” are partnering to raise awareness about the many benefits of milk. Through sponsored segments and customized vignettes across some of Univision’s top-rated shows, MilkPEP will share tips and recipes to educate Hispanic consumers on how to make milk a part of their daily routine.

According to 2014 Simmons data, Hispanics are already big milk consumers— 95% of Hispanic households buy milk, and almost five glasses are consumed by Hispanic households in a day compared to 3.5 for non-Hispanics. In addition, Mintel reports that 51% of Hispanics agreed that they prefer milk on its own as a treat compared to 41% of non-Hispanics.

MilkPEP sees a big opportunity to grow consumption even more by focusing on Hispanic moms, the principal decision-maker for all purchases. In a recent Mediapost Engage: Hispanics conference, Victor Zaborsky, MilkPEP’s VP of Marketing, says “recipes can be a really important way to engage with Hispanic moms—they want to create some of those traditional dishes they grew up with and put a new twist on them to make them modern and appropriate for her family.”

Coverage includes recipes on “Despierta América” (Good Morning America) on how to make home-made meals using milk, like Sopa de Pescado (Fish Chowder), and segments on “Hoy” (Today), aligning the benefits of milk with the power of the Hispanic culture. The partnership will also build on MilkPEP’s new “Somos Fuertes” (We are Strong) campaign which represents real everyday Hispanics who are successful in their daily lives. According to Zaborsky, “we want to make sure we’re making connections and helping Hispanics understand why milk is so critical for them.”

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