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How We Build and Maintain Trust

Over 50 years ago, Univision was founded on the idea that the Hispanic community was underrepresented. Ever since then, Univision has had a clear mission: to empower, entertain, inform, and advocate for Hispanics in this country (now 60 million strong).

All those decades of relationship-building have resulted in an unrivaled sense of trust in our brand. When it comes to trust, we pull a few levers. The first one is through the eyes of our consumers. Our most recent brand equity study, done in collaboration with Burke, identified Univision as the most trusted network regardless of language in the U.S. For Univision this is the greatest honor, and we work hard every day to maintain it.

As part of our connection with our viewers, we work on creating local partnerships to support Hispanics in different areas. Whether it be through a phone bank, at a cultural pride parade, or answering questions about elections, immigration, or opening a small business, it’s really exciting to have consumers touch the brand every day on the ground. These are the things Hispanics come to us for and we’re able to serve them on a grassroots level.

Lastly, we have advertisers. The trust and connection we have built with our audience, provides an unparalleled “halo” effect to brands. Our viewers are five times more likely to have a high regard for brands that advertise with us, compared to English-Language networks, and they feel that our advertisers care about them and their community. In addition, we also want brands to know that our teams understand Latinos like no one else, and they use their knowledge and expertise to create strategies that successfully connect them with the community.

Source: 2018 Burke Univision Brand Equity Study

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