The New ROI: Return of Influence

ROI.  For many people, it means Return on Investment.  But at Univision that term has evolved into something even greater for marketers: Return on Influence.  The Hispanic consumer segment offers a Return on Influence, which is bigger than return on investment because it amplifies the impact of marketing dollars.  Let me break this down.

The first gear of influence:  Hispanics influence other Hispanics.  The fact that this consumer is more social and mobile than any other ethnic group creates a peer-to-peer multiplication effect that can’t be overstated.  Imagine that shampoo commercial in the 80s (“I told two friends, and she told two friends.  And so on, and so on, and so on”)…with the power of social media behind it.

And there’s a lot of power there.  According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center, 72% of Hispanics use social media – that’s 7.5% more than the total U.S.  Also, the recent Share This survey found that Hispanics are 2x as likely to share information via social media, they do it 5xs more often, and those shares are 35% more likely to be clicked on.  It becomes pretty clear why Nielsen said that the Hispanic digital consumer “is poised to be even more influential in the coming years.”

Now, let’s take this to a macro level.  The second gear of influence is that Hispanics influence America. All you need to do is walk up and down store aisles, visit fast food restaurants or scan Top 100 charts to witness things like Nestle’s Agua Frescas, Panera’s Cuban Chicken Sandwich or the immense popularity of artists like Pitbull and Ricky Martin in action.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Forbes went so far as to call the Hispanic community “the most influential voicein pop culture, business, and politics.”

One last gear makes it possible for marketers to harness this influence for their brands on a mass scale:  Univision influences Hispanics like nobody else can.  This starts with being the most trusted brand for Hispanics – in fact, one of the top five most trusted overall of the 155 measured by Burke in 2013.

What does this mean for marketers?  It means that when they’re watching our content – on whichever screen they choose – they are trusting it.  And that content includes your messages.  Here’s one example.  Nielsen Brand Effect shows that ads that appear on Univision benefit from a halo effect, outperforming ads for the rest of the Top 5 broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – across Brand and Message Recall and Likeability.  The story remains the same against top entertainment cable nets.

So, Hispanics influence each other and the country, and Univision can turn those gears into motion for marketers so that they can gain new customers, grow market share or even win the next election.  Visit more on getting these gears of influence in motion for you.

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