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Soccer America: U.S. Men Continue to Draw on Univision

Sep 12, 2019

By: Paul Kennedy

The power of the Univision in its ability to draw fans to the U.S. men’s national team was
again evident on Tuesday when the USA-Uruguay game averaged 1.2 million viewers on
Univision (simulcast on TUDN), almost five times the audience on FS1 (245,000 viewers).
Of the six U.S. men’s matches that aired on Univision (and were simulcast on TUDN) in
2019, all but one has drawn more viewers for the Spanish-language broadcast, and that
was the USA’s second game at the Gold Cup against Trinidad & Tobago.
Since that T&T game, every U.S. men’s national team on Univision has averaged more than
1 million viewers. For those matches, the broadcasts on Univision have outdrawn those on
FS1 by more than 2-1: 2,610,400 vs. 1,241,400 viewers.
Univision vs. FS1 viewerships (2019 U.S. men’s matches)
June 22: USA-Trinidad & Tobago (Gold Cup) Univision: 811,000; FS1: 895,000.
June 30: USA-Curacao (Gold Cup): Univision: 1,552,000; FS1: 1,547,000
July 3: USA-Jamaica (Gold Cup): Univision: 1,700,000; FS1: 1,149,000
July 7: USA-Mexico (Gold Cup): Univision: 5,900,000; FS1: 2,880,000
Sept. 6: USA-Mexico (friendly): Univision: 2,700,000; FS1: 386,000
Sept. 10: USA-Uruguay (friendly): Univision: 1,200,000; FS1: 245,000


Source: Soccer America

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