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LGBTQ Nation: Univision Will Soon Show its First-Ever Gay Led Telenovela

May 26, 2019

The show will be called “El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca” (“The Heart is Never Wrong”).


By: Daniel Villareal

Univision is in the process of filming a new telenovela entitled El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca (The Heart is Never Wrong), the first in the network’s history to be led by a male same-sex couple.

The show — which will have 20 episodes and air on June 24, 2019 — is spinoff of the telenovela Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia (My Husband Has More Family) and will follow the young gay couple from that show, Cuauhtémoc or “Temo” (played by Joaquín Bondoni) and Aristóteles (Emilio Osorio), as they start a new life together in Mexico City, the fifth largest city in the world.

According to the Latinx cultural website, “The young men will take on challenges in today’s less than accepting society and face challenges together.”

Fans of the show call the couple “Aristemo,” and the couple recently won the honor of Best TV Couple from the E! television network (narrowly beating out the male same-sex couple from the American TV comedy Schitt’s Creek).


Source: LGBTQ Nation


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