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Radio Ink: The Legend of La Llorona

Apr 3, 2019

By: Radio Ink

If that sounds a little mysterious, it should. La Llorona, or the “Weeping Woman,” is a tragic figure whose tale can be traced back for centuries. A story with deep cultural significance in Mexico and the southwestern United States, La Llorona has been the subject of Latin American folklore for generations.

Now, Uforia Audio Network presents a new podcast of the same name which explores the legend. The four-part series, hosted in English by Dafnne Wejebe Iberri, presents the Latino myth and delves into the legend and stories surrounding recent La Llorona sightings and encounters.

Each episode will run between 40 minutes and an hour and feature commentary from Latin American experts.

The podcast is available for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, among others.

Source: Radio Ink

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