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Newscast Studio: Despierta América Gets Fresh New Set That Balances News, Lifestyle Looks

Mar 15, 2019

By: Michael P. Hill

Univision’s morning show “Despierta América,” which translates to “Wake Up America,” has updated its Miami set with a fresh and flexible new look.

The new look keeps the show’s tradition of an open, airy space that serves as a sort of “town square” with various venues surrounding it.

In the new look, a large, seamless video wall replaces the faux windows that have appeared behind the sofa area on end of the studio.

The left side of the video wall features a floor-to-ceiling column built from light wood with repeated reveal lines, creating a textural, modern structural element that manages to feel both solid and light at the same time. 

This end of the studio is wrapped with light backlit walls and a curved staircase with, like the balconies, frosted glass fronted railings.

To the right of the sofa area is a multipurpose freestanding curved video wall with vertical backlit panels that extended almost entirely from floor to ceiling and also include red drum lights mounted above on the header. 

Wrapping the video wall is a wall that clad with a thick, geometric pattern, a surface that appears on other parts of the set. 

On the opposite end of the studio, a more traditional news-style anchor desk is backed with view into the Univision Newsport newsroom and flanked with two additional video panels — one wall mounted one on the left and a larger, curved seamless unit on the right. 

This area, again, is wrapped with backlit backgrounds and strong vertical lines much like the area on the opposite end of the space.

Rounding out the space is a large kitchen set with dog-leg island, cabinetry open selfing and bold colored walls. Above the kitchen, in the balcony area, is another video panel surrounding with the polygonal wall pattern and open shelving.

Source: Newscast Studio

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