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TR Business: Paradies Lagardère to Open Univision & Relay in Dallas

Aug 8, 2018

By: Charlotte Turner

North American travel retailer and F&B operator, Paradies Lagardère, has been awarded a contract for two new travel essential stores – Univision and Relay – at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Univision will be located within Terminal C, while Relay – a new concept at the airport – will be situated pre-security in Terminal D.

Terminal C is DFW’s busiest, while Terminal D is in the middle of a renovation and expansion.

“Both terminals serve international leisure travellers, and many of the traveller demographics at DFW regularly use technology,” insists Paradies Lagardère. “These concepts will address basic traveller and airport employee needs, as well as deliver customer-focused and engaging experiences, utilizing innovation and technology.”

Univision, which has been trading for over 55 years, is described as the ‘leading multi-media company serving Hispanic America’. A ‘popular’ airport store brand, the Univision travel essential store offers travel accessories such as beverages, HBA items and souvenirs.


“This store will provide travellers a fun, interactive wow factor…[it will include] a selfie screen outside the store that allows travellers to take and share pictures of themselves,” adds the retailer.

Relay, a proprietary Paradies Lagardère brand with 1,400 stores in 23 countries, is a ‘one-stop-shop travel essential’ concept.

“With a bold, modern layout and design, customers will be able to find everything from snacks to water to reading materials,” it adds.

This Relay store will incorporate ‘Flowbox’, a new generation interactive LED display which will help promote events in the city and at the airport. The store will also offer travellers Illy Coffee.


Both concepts will allow customers the convenience of easy pay options such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Mobile POS.

“Paradies Lagardère is thrilled with the opportunity to continue to build upon our successful partnership with DFW airport,” said Gregg Paradies, President and CEO, Paradies Lagardère.

“We’re confident these new concepts will not only serve traveller’s needs, but they will enjoy the fun technology we’ve put into the stores, including news in two languages on high-definition screens and the selfie screen in our Univision store, and the Flowbox screen in the Relay store.”

Source: TR Business

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