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Forbes: This Latina VP Is Leading The Team Behind Univision’s New Women-Led World Cup Blog

Jun 27, 2018

By Vivian Nunez

For one month, the world is tuned into soccer match after soccer match as the FIFA World Cup goes from 32 teams to the world’s top 2 teams. Through Latin America the excitement for the World Cup is palpable months prior to the first match — for men and women alike.

At Univision, the number one Spanish-language network, Hilda Garcia led a team of mostly women who wanted to reframe how the network’s online proprieties spoke to women about the World Cup.

“While everyone might enjoy galleries of the world’s most handsome soccer players, we wanted to go beyond the clichés for what people would expect,” explains Garcia, the VP of Digital Entertainment at Univision. “During our ideation, [we] came up with the idea to create a blog series that covered a range of perspectives and topics surrounding this highly anticipated global event– coverage for women by women.”

The resulting blog — “El Futbol Es lo de Menos” — gives women the space to voice their opinions on why the World Cup is important to them — everything from the cultural implications of the game to the technical nuances of the game itself.

“By first starting the conversation and talking about the World Cup and soccer just as we are – smart, funny, satirical, ironic – [we celebrate] all the common traits that women share around the world,” shares Garcia.

Garcia was able to bring the blog to life alongside Leonor Suarez, director of video production and Jossette Rivera, editor of special projects and Fernando Mexia, Managing Editor.

For Garcia, the blog is one more milestone in a career that is dedicated to championing women and the space they deserve to take up. As a Latina journalist, Garcia often found herself in situations that had her fighting for a seat at the table, as she’s climbed up the ladder she’s made it a point to pay it forward. Now, as the VP of Digital Entertainment she is both a mentor and a leader to all the women who help bring Univision’s pillars of content to life.

Source: Forbes

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