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WARC: Univision Leverages the Power of Influencers

Feb 15, 2018

LAS VEGAS: Univision, the media company, is leveraging the power of digital influencers to drive consumer engagement with content across traditional and online channels alike.

James Heath, Director/Analytics and Audience Development at the Univision Creator Network – a business unit formed two years ago, and that works with a hand-picked group of influencers – discussed this subject during a session at CES 2018.

And this division of the company can tap its roster of digital mavens to spread the word about Univision content, foster prospective new talent, develop content for brand partners, and sell pre-roll advertising at meaningful scale.

“I think influencers … are already stars, [with] the reach that they get, the influence that they have over people,” Heath said.

As evidence for this claim, he cited the appearance of Rosy McMichael – a well-known beauty influencer – on “Despierta America”, a popular morning show on Univision’s television network.

McMichael flagged up her appearance using social media the day before the program aired, and encouraged her fans to watch and share photos. The result? An 18% increase in viewership with 18–34-year-olds while McMichael was on air.

“We’re seeing – and this goes for brand activations as well – that when influencers are paired with media organisations, it can be a win-win for both,” Heath said.

In broader proof of this trend in action, late last year Univision’s Creator Network unveiled five digital shows for Facebook Watch, the social network’s content play.

Influencer-led shows from other operators Heath admitted, have often delivered questionable results. Despite this, the Univision Creator Network is bullish.

“I think a lot of these early premium video-on-demand services have basically made poor content with big influencers, hoping that will bring people the other side of the paywall, which hasn’t quite happened,” said Heath.

“But I think there is definitely overlap for influencers in digital to start moving into legacy spaces.”

Source: WARC

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