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Jan 5, 2018

Teri Arvesu: Disrupt the Traditional Attitude Toward Competition

For 2018, my wish is for businesses to capitalize on the diversity that exists within Chicago.

In media, we have seen partnerships strengthen our business rather than weaken it. Together with our broadcast partners ABC7 Chicago and WTTW, we have expanded our reach and content offerings for our unique audiences, while still operating within our budgets. From a traditional perspective, some might have thought that these collaborations could threaten to debilitate our business. But we found these relationships were complementary, not adversarial: Our research shows that over 50 percent of the Univision Chicago audience doesn’t watch any other English-language broadcast.

The digital era is challenging those concepts of competition in so many business spaces. As Emmy Award-winning designer David Korins said during a talk at Chicago Ideas Week, “An open mind is the first step to great ideas. Walk into the collaboration space without an ego.”

The quicker we replace competition, ego or fear with the ideas of collaboration and partnership, we can unite in a shared vision to strengthen our city, each other and, in turn, ourselves.

Teri Arvesu is vice president of content at Univision Chicago Local Media.


Source: Crain’s Chicago Business

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