Article Univision & Televisa to Increase Media & Technology Opps for Latinos

Dec 21, 2015

By Joanna Padovano

NEW YORK: Univision Communications and Grupo Televisa are expanding their existing programs to provide more opportunities for Latinos in the U.S. media and technology sectors next year.

The new initiatives will include a number of education, mentorship and career-development programs. The main goals of the partnership between the two companies are to strengthen and expand their existing efforts to increase the pipeline of Latinos in media and technology, and to develop and educate future media leaders and professionals.

Univision and Televisa will focus on production projects bringing together students and emerging talent to produce and develop docs and short fiction pieces to broadcast on Fusion; writers programs to support Hispanic writers; development fellowships to mentor and promote multicultural and Millennial writers across broadcast, film, digital and more; and incubator programs, allowing emerging Latino media makers to present their production and writing skills. There will also be entrepreneurial development opportunities to encourage marketplace and collaborative exchange for entrepreneurs and investors; educational programs, events and symposia promoting STEM opportunities in the media industry; school programs to build media labs in select middle schools around the U.S.; and scholarships, internships and fellowships.

Alex Nogales the president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said: “One of my lifelong goals has been to provide access to careers in media for future generations of U.S. Hispanics, and to create opportunities for Latinos both behind and in front of the camera. That is why we are supporting the joint initiative announced today by Univision and Televisa—because it will create opportunities for a new generation in our industry at this critical time when it’s so important for diverse voices to be heard.”

“The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA) commends Univision and Televisa on this initiative, which is the result of the productive partnership between the two companies, and is critical to the development of original content that touches and concerns the Latino community,” noted Felix Sanchez, NHFA’s chairman and co-founder. “NHFA looks forward to working with the companies to usher in the next generation of talented Latino filmmakers, who are waiting in the wings and ready to take the center stage of the U.S. entertainment and media world.”

Axel Caballero, the executive director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), stated: “NALIP’s multiple media incubation initiatives foster, promote and advance Latino content creators behind and in front of the camera; providing the necessary tools to strengthen our communities’ access and representation across the industry. We’ve had a long and successful partnership with Univision in forging these types of efforts over the years and we know that Televisa will only strengthen and redouble these efforts that will have a huge impact on our ability to reach our goals. Our community of Latino filmmakers, writers, directors, entrepreneurs, executives and media consortia is rich, talented and diverse and together we are paving the way to lead the next generation of media makers.”

Randy Falco, the president and CEO of Univision Communications, commented: “The role that U.S. Hispanics are playing in all aspects of shaping the future of our country has never been greater. As part of our ongoing mission to empower our community, and through our partnership with Televisa, we are enhancing our efforts to help ensure that Latinos are well-represented across all aspects of the media sector. Given the convergence of technology and media, we are promoting STEM education and skill development among Hispanics, beginning at a young age, to help them attain the technical skills they need to compete and contribute to the media industry and its consumers.”

“Our mission to empower Latinos in the media and technology industries extends deep into the United States through our longstanding partnership with Univision, as well as the wide array of initiatives undertaken by the Televisa Foundation,” added Alicia Lebrija, the president of Televisa Foundation. “The expanded partnership we are announcing today will significantly advance our joint efforts to ensure Hispanic American children and youth have more and better opportunities to pursue STEM careers and develop the skills to be among the best and brightest leaders in the media and high-tech industries.”


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