Latin Post: Clave al Éxito Mobile Tool Helps Latino Parents Participate in Their Child's Educational Success

May 14, 2015

Clave al Éxito Mobile Tool Helps Latino Parents Participate in Their Child’s Educational Success

By:  Nicole Akoukou Thompson

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Clave al Éxito (Key to Success), an offspring of the award-winning Univision Contigo empowerment platform, is a new Spanish-language, mobile-optimized website that empowers and guides Hispanic/Latino parents in supporting their children’s educational success from prekindergarten through high school.

Approximately one in four students enrolled in the public school system are Hispanic, and that number will continue to increase as the Hispanic population escalates. For that reason, being able to effectively engage young Latinos isn’t just important — it’s vital. And the best way to reach young people early is to employ the attention of their older, tech-savvy parents who are sometimes Spanish-dominant.

“We applaud Univision Contigo’s launch of Clave al Éxito — a useful tool that can help reduce the language and cultural barriers that persist between many school systems and Hispanic parents,” said Alejandra Ceja, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

“As we mark the 25th anniversary of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, I am proud to see such an extraordinary commitment from our partners at Univision.”‎

The user-friendly tool equips Spanish-speaking Hispanic parents with a necessary resource for communicating with English-speaking teachers about a child’s academic progress. Clave al Éxito features include a grade-by-grade guide, which offers details on what children should be learning each year; comprehensive videos for engagement with their child’s education; book recommendation based on grade-levels; and a sharable function that tracks reading activity. Additionally, it offers guidance regarding state assessments administered to children, along with practice tests to prepare children.

“Clave al Éxito is a game-changing digital destination that empowers parents with the tools they need to become more active advocates and participants in their child’s education,” said Roberto Llamas, executive vice president for Human Resources and Community Empowerment, Univision Communications Inc.

“We are aware that language and lack of information can be a challenge for some Hispanic parents in relating to the education system, so we developed resources and practical tools for them to engage with teachers and also promote the academic success of their children.”

The digital destination prepares parents to urge their children toward excellence and could lead to changes in teaching and testing. The National Parent-Teacher collaborated with Univision on the development and implementation of the Clave al Éxito mobile tool. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offered financial backing. Also, content was contributed by nonprofit organizations, including League of United Latin American Citizens, Latin Americans United For Progress, Parent Institute for Quality Education, National Council of La Raza, GreatSchools, Stand for Children and others.

Hispanic-serving school districts across the country will be informed about Clave al Éxito through the on-the-ground efforts of the National PTA and the online efforts of Univision.

Learn more about Clave al Éxito by visiting them online.

Source: Latin Post


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